*  Welcome to our aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery clinic, Anesis Biyou Clinic!

We hope that everyone would love our services. Using our considerable experience and cutting-edge medical technology, we provide you aesthetic surgery. Our bouquet of surgical procedures includes eyelid surgery, nose surgery, facial bone contouring surgery, facelift (rejuvenation surgery), lip surgery, and otoplasty. If you have beauty worries, please feel free to contact our clinic.


*  Introducing our clinic
Tsutomu Mizuno
Director : Tsutomu Mizuno M.D.
Specialty: Facial plastic surgery
1981 M.D. Nagoya City University, School of Medicine, Nagoya City, Japan
1989 Ph.D. Nagoya City University, School of Medicine, Nagoya City, Japan

1982 General surgeon of Nagoya City University, School of Medicine
1988 Thoracic surgeon of Nagoya City University, School of Medicine
1991 Pathologist of Nagoya 2nd Red Cross Hospital, Nagoya City, Japan
1993 Director of Toyohashi Keisei Clinic (Cosmetic Surgery), Toyohashi City, Aichi, Japan
1999 Director of Anesis Biyogeka Clinic (Cosmetic Surgery), Okazaki City, Aichi, Japan
2003 International member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)
2004 President of Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgery (JSAS)
2007 Director of Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgery (JSAS)
2014 Director of Anesis Biyou Clinic (Cosmetic Surgery), Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan

*  Low-cost treatments

The most important feature of our clinic is that we provide low-cost treatments. Many cosmetic surgery clinics have made considerable investment in advertisements and exterior facilities, which add to their treatment costs. Our clinic barely advertizes and thus minimizes costs, making it s one of the few cosmetic surgery clinics that perform treatments at a low price.


*  At our clinic, be assured of the following:

1. Disclosure of medical information and informed consents
2. Design operation performed carefully and customized according to each person (personalized medicine)
3. Aesthetic sense of beauty, evidence-based medical treatment, and years of experience
4. Efforts to produce maximum effect at minimum costs
5. Effort to avoid risks, strive to be 100% safe; clean and disinfected clinic to prevent infection after surgery
6. Effort to create painless treatments
7. Aftercare in good faith

*  Clinic Information

TEL 052-951-5221 / FAX 052-308-8665, E-mail: anesisbiyougeka★gmail.com
Web site: http://www.biyogeka.com
Clinic hours 10:00 am ~9:00 pm (By appointment only)
Our clinic is closed on Tuesday.
To make reservations and consultation, please contact our reception at 052-951-5221. We do not accept reservation requests by E-mail or FAX.
Please ensure that during your first visit, you are available for consultation within 30 minutes of booking the consultation. Examination and blood tests are necessary for all surgeries. If there are abnormal blood test results, you may not be permitted to undergo the surgery. Cash or loan is available for payment of medical expenses.

*  Address of and access to our clinic:

Anesis Biyou Clinic
Zip code: 466-0003
Address: Meipuru Bldg.9F, 3-20-17 Nishiki,Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0003,Japn


*  List of medical treatments
  Forehead and Brow: Endoscopic brow lift, Forehead lift, Forehead bone reduction, prosthetic forehead augmentation, Subbrow lift, Botox and Hyaluronic acid injection, Brow hair transplantation, Glabella Goretex augmentation
Eyelid: Double-eyelid surgery (Full-incision, partial incision, and no incision methods), Medial epicanthoplasty, Lateral epicanthoplasty, Repair of blepharoptosis (open upper eyelid), Lowering lower eyelid, Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, Fat or hyaluronic acid injection, Transconjunctival fat removal or translocation, Crow's feet Botox injection
Nose: Reduction or augmentation rhinoplasty, Nose elongation, Tip surgery, Alar base reduction, Autologous cartilage implantation, Osteotomy
Temple: Temporal lift, Temple augmentation (Silicone or Fat injection)
Cheek: Facelift, Cheek lift (Subperiosteal lift), Endotine lift, Cheek augmentation (Silicone, fat injection, and hyaluronic acid injection), Cheek bone reduction, Liposuction and buccal fat resection, Dimple fabrication
Lip: Lip lift, Lip augmentation (V-Y advancement, and fat or hyaluronic acid injection), cheiloplasty
Chin: Chin augmentation (Silicone, fat injection, and hyaluronic acid injection), Chin bone surgery, Laser hair removal
Jaw: Mandibular angle bone reduction, Facelift, Liposuction, Masseter muscle resection or Botox injection
Neck: Neck lift, Liposuction
Ear: Otoplasty, Ear piercing
Arm pit: Axillary osmidrosis surgery, Botox injection for hyperhydrosis, Laser hair removal
Navel: Body piercing
Others: Tattoo laser removal, Laser hair removal, Hormone therapy


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